40 mile Saturday

So training yesterday was a mostly flat ride from Draper to Salt Lake and back.  Randy met me halfway with food and water and then picked me back up.  I only wish I’d remembered to bring my gloves, not because my hands were cold, but because the sun beat down on them and now they are burned – just the tops, thank goodness.  Fingers would be more painful, for sure!

Anyway, it was a perfectly pleasant ride except for one moment of panic – I was on a paved trail that goes along the river, and most of the way there are tunnels under the major streets.  I always make a sound when coming around the blind corners into the tunnels and hug the right hand corner, but the girl cutting the corner had headphones on and didn’t hear me and we had a very close call.  I made the corner, but she swerved and lost control of her bike, hitting the “keystone” retaining wall with a sickening crash.  I got stopped and went to see if she was okay – her face had a tiny knick on the cheek, and she was covered head to toe in cinder dust. She was mostly shaken, though, and more worried that I would be upset that she cut the corner.  (I wasn’t, but I’d bet she doesn’t do that again soon.)

Shout out to my friend Melissa from work and my new friend Tiffany, who plans to follow this blog!  It was so fun talking to you both on the trail.  The shoes I mentioned are Mizuno.  I have a “neutral” pronation when I run, and I have the “Wave Paradox”.  They’re wonderful and I only had to replace them every 350 miles or so when I was an active runner.

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