Training goes inside

Last night I had to have Randy come get me the wind was so hard, 12 miles in.  I was glad I’d gotten a couple of miles in at work on the Cubii.  (under-desk elliptical) This morning it kept touching freezing on my dashboard thermometer, (and I have an appointment this evening) so I rode inside at the gym at the office instead of on my bike.  There is very little that stinks more than riding on the stationary bike.  It feels like torture all-too-often. The good news is that 6 miles went by pretty quickly and I’ll be able to get a few miles in on the Cubii again today while I work..

I had 45 miles planned for Saturday, but that may have to change.  We are looking at 92% chance of rain.  I realize I will probably have rain on the cross-country at some point, but I’d like to avoid it in training if I can, so the new plan is to ride 45 miles on Friday evening after work.  Should be interesting.  I haven’t done that far on a weekday in a long time.  Be safe, everyone!

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