Tomorrow’s ride

So tomorrow is my birthday, and we have plans for the evening. I really wanted to get another couple of rides in before the 55 on Saturday, though, so I will be riding tonight after work, and then riding to work in the morning.  Thank goodness for pre-planning, so I brought my “date” clothes this morning so I won’t have to carry them. 22 miles first thing in the morning.  Shouldn’t be terribly cold, but I’ll definitely be loving my reflective neon jacket in the morning.  🙂

The 55 plan has a decent climb in it, too.  That’s the only thing that I’ve been worried about with the whole trip – climbing.  All told I will end up climbing 70,000+ feet (the good news being that I also get to coast 70,000 feet…), which is the equivalent of climbing Everest 2 1/2 times.

The great thing is that I have an app that tracks all my miles, climb feet, etc.  And I’m currently at 5,500 miles with 80,360 feet of climbing in 457 hours.  I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t have it on the computer.  When did I become this person?  I am really not sure!


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