Over the Weekend

Saturday was eventful.  55 miles got started at 5AM.  Rode up Provo Canyon in a headwind that slowed me down substantially, and I got to Bridal Veil half an hour after I’d thought I would.  But man, did that wind and the downhill make for a speedy descent. Made up for the time lost pretty quickly after Randy gave me more water and food.

We also booked our accommodations for the Washington/Oregon leg of the trip.  Things are getting very real at this point.  One of the nights we are staying “down by the river!”, though not in a cardboard box.  🙂  Will post pix when we’ve been there.

Quick 7 miles on Monday morning, and I will ride today after work.  Probably closer to 20 miles this afternoon, and 60 this Saturday.

Everybody asks – don’t you get sore?  (or something similar) The easy answer is yes, of course riding a bicycle for 4-10 hours will make anyone sore.  The more complicated answer is, yes, but not the way you think. My “sit bones” get tender after several hours.  My shoulders get tired and achy if it’s windy.  My legs need stretching after 2-3 hours. Lactic acid starts to build up whenever I stop. Walking up or down stairs I can feel my muscles for a day or two if I rode more than 25 or so miles. But it’s not like I did “leg day” at the gym and am in serious pain for days afterward.  Usually if I ride on Saturday, Monday I’m fine, unless I sit at my desk longer than 4 hours at work without moving my legs, and then it really only takes a few steps before my legs aren’t feeling stiff.  And yes, sometimes my knees are cranky.  Ibuprofen is my friend, for sure, on those days.  I think it has to do with the humidity and wind.  Anyway, cycling helps me feel calmer and the pros far outweigh the cons.

And Jake, Randy was probably right – while I used to “fall down” a lot more, the odds are slim that during the cross-country ride I will “fall down”.

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