Six Days

The other day as I was having a couging fit, I realized I was about to hit single-digits in the countdown, and the coughing fit got even more heightened.

Six days is not very many.  I’ve been in double-digits for months.  It has felt very far away.  It feels very, very real today.

And what of it?  Am I afraid? No, that’s not the right word.  Anxious, maybe.  Excited certainly.  Ready?  Um… yes, while this cold has forced me to rest more than I’d intended, I believe I am ready.  My bicycle has been tuned up and it is ready.  I will spend several hours, I’m anticipating, making sure I don’t leave any important components behind when we leave.

I also feel more at peace with my progress than I thought I would at this stage.  I’m heavier than I wanted to be when I left, but that doesn’t get to be something that holds me back at this point.  It is where I am, not who I am.  Just another step on the journey.

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