Day one down, 48 to go.

Day One's Ride

We learned a few things today.

1. Start time is sacred. Even one extra minute in bed is not worth what I’m going to have to go through when it’s 8,000,000 degrees outside and I’m exhausted. (Okay, 86. But try climbing an 900 foot hill on a bike with zero shade in 86 degrees. It feels like your lungs are actually on fire.)

2. Super-small towns are polarizing, and not in a good way.

3. 93 miles is a freaking long way. Yes, I’ve done 102 before. This was tougher than the 102.

4. I’m braver than I imagined. Randy said the other day if I don’t have to battle anxiety anymore after this whole thing is over, he thinks it will be worth it. I had moments of sheer terror – I might blog about that sometime, but right now I’m hoping to forget.

5. My biggest problem with this ride isn’t likely to be my legs. The legs only scream on the extreme uphill. My feet cry at 60 miles in, and they don’t stop crying until the shoes come off for good that day.

Bottom line is that I made it. The first third was foggy and cool, and perfect.

Happy Someday, everyone. Life is good. I’m happy tomorrow is rest day.

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