Day two – for Mark

Day Two's Ride

My friend Mark Petersen died today.  Mark is an incredible man who leads a microloan organization called Mentors International. He is generous with praise, love, and friendship. I had heard Mark wasn’t doing well and planned to ride in his honor. As always, he didn’t let me down. It was a solid ride with mostly subtle climbs and slight coasts. The predicted “mostly sunny” didn’t happen until I got to Portland: a much-appreciated blessing. After the sun came out, though, my legs, though not in pain, just didn’t want to move very fast. The right foot has been cranky, and instead of the clip on that pedal, I rode 2/3 of it with one tennis shoe. It helped, but when you’re not clipped in you lose 1/2 of the power since the push/pull action is cut. Which makes the other leg work harder.

Anyway, back to Mark. Chris Jones and I did a loan with Mark a few years back, and closing it was nothing short of a miracle. We worked our guts out to do it. A few months later I was having a rough day and Randy took me to the movies. When we exited the theater Mark was sitting on a bench outside talking with his adult son. I said hello and introduced Randy to him. Mark spent close to 5 minutes telling Randy how wonderful I am. It was humbling to see this great man take a few minutes of time that he had been spending with his family regaling a stranger with complimentary stories about his wife.

Becky, you and your family are in my heart and prayers. I know you know that Mark is loved and appreciated greatly.

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