Home again

Woke up this morning in my own bed. Have been riding waves of emotion between sleep. Randy (aka the one who I have yet to deserve) texted me from work asking how many miles I ended up doing before my knee made other plans. 240 give or take. In 3 days plus roughly 30 minutes of riding.

By anybody’s count that’s more than a few. It isn’t the 500+ I’d planned. But I’m playing the, “how far is it?” game.

Long Beach to San Diego… and back

Reno to San Francisco

Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C.

Shelley, ID to Provo, UT

Twice the width of Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines, as well as Long Island


The entire coastline of Guam, plus the 30 miles Guam is across.

Will update when I get back from the doctor’s appointment.

In the meantime, shout out to my new friends at the Madras Emergency room – Rhonda, Lindsey, Jake, and… oh, I don’t remember the other names, I’m sorry!

If you ever find yourself in a tight spot in Madras, Oregon, they’ll take good care of you and not let you feel stupid.  Thank you so much, everyone!  Y’all were amazing.  I may have to stop in on my way past when I don’t need medical assistance.


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