The verdict

You know you’re with a specialist when they take one look and say, well, we’re going to avoid an MRI if we can. Was in the doctor’s office roughly 25 minutes.

I have a sprained MCL and – effectively – early-onset arthritis. There’s a really cool term for it in the knee, but in non-doctor-ese that’s effectively what it is.

The GREAT news is the MCL is one of the ligaments that is a quick self-healer, provided you treat it right. Quick being relative, of course. That is what is causing the most severe pain. So with 4 weeks of PT (doc said to save some of my anger for them – I told him I had plenty to go around, and my “anger” is pretty benign, actually), an oral steroid to assist the healing, bracing the knee and using crutches to take some of the weight off the knee I could be back on the bike as early as July 1. Late July at the latest.

Which means – to me – I’m delayed but undeterred. I may have to figure out how to do the remaining 3,538 miles 150-200 miles at a shot instead of the 500+ per trip I’d originally planned, but I’ll get there.

Doctor Matthews says he can’t imagine me not finishing, either.

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