P.T. Pt. 2

Yesterday’s PT was so much better than the previous two. Sure, it was painful and frustrating. But after 30 minutes, the therapist asked how I’d feel about riding a stationary bike. Mind you, I HATE stationary bikes most of the time. But since I haven’t been on a bike in a week+, I jumped  (not literally) at the chance and got a full 10 minutes in, going from 9 mph at the beginning to 14.5 at about 3 minutes in and holding it there. No resistance, but also no pain. YAY!

So now I have the “homework” assignment of 10 minutes on the stationary daily along with the stretches I was already assigned.

AND no brace unless I’m going to be walking/standing longer than an hour.

AND only one crutch, and really only if I’m going to be in a crowded place to give people cues to let me be slow and not to run into me any more than necessary. I suspect there’s a little bit of the inferred, “and walk a little slower than you normally want to…” in there, too.

Great progress. I’m happy with it.

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