Back to the doc’s, McFee

Yesterday’s PT may have been my last.  YAY!  The knee is feeling incredibly solid and no pain whatsoever.  Shout out to the great team at Cutting Edge Physical Therapy – Allie and Toni were and are amazing, and good luck to Emily as her last day is today there.  While I think the world of you all, I hope to never see any of you in this capacity again. 🙂

I go back to the orthopod this afternoon.  Provided he sees the progress he’s hoping for, I anticipate him saying I can ride again, with limitations.  What those will be I don’t know yet.

On a sad note, I lost a friend the day after my last post. The tenuous thread of sobriety and sanity broke and he took his own life at 34 years old, leaving a small community of loved ones reeling in its wake.

If you, kind reader, are struggling know this from me: nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – is worth taking your life. YOUR troubles may be over, but the people you care about, and I know you do care about someone other than yourself, will deal with the shock wave for the rest of their lives. You may say, “I’m suffering with…” whatever ailment you are feeling. I’m sorry you are hurting. You will hurt anyone you have ever worked with, talked to, or spent more than a passing moment with. They will spend countless hours wondering what they missed and how you couldn’t see how desperately you were loved and needed.  Life does and will go on without James McFee, and it will go on without you, most certainly. But it is altered irrevocably and never for the better. Talk to someone. Get help. Get out of yourself and go volunteer somewhere.  Anywhere. Life is short enough if you die of natural causes.

Enough preaching. Big hugs to all, and I hope to see you on the road soon!

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