First couple of days back

So my first day back on the bike was awesome.  I didn’t even notice that it was 95 degrees, although I knew it was warm.  Didn’t care, I was back on the bike. The knee started to ache a little in the 8th of 10 miles, but as soon as I stretched it out, was all better.

This morning I got up and rode again.  Just another 10 miles.  The arthritis waited until the 9th mile to kick in, and it wasn’t nearly as achy as Monday, so that made me happy.  It was also faster than Monday, as I think I got comfortable with the fact that I’m not actually hurt anymore.  Funny what the mind does.

Anyway, my understanding is that d’Artagnan is going to be editing the videos from the trip, so hopefully I will have some to post for you pretty soon here.  40 miles on Saturday, I’m starting dark and early so I don’t get too hot.  It’s supposed to be a scorcher! 🙂

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