41.25 mile Saturday

Day FourGood ride  from Rose Park to Lehi.  The first 30 miles were quick and fairly simple.  The last 10 had a really tough climb and it had gotten pretty hot, as well as hitting an unexpected detour (that included seeing my first rattlesnake of the year – don’t worry, mom, I was on a back-road in a construction area, and I’m sure they just disrupted it’s habitat and was easily avoided). I found that so long as I stretch regularly throughout the ride, my knee doesn’t ache.

Anyway, this weekend I’ve got 62 miles slated on the route.  That will make a total of 342 miles “on route”, even though I’m taking them out of order.  644 miles to make up the “middle” before September 9.  That’s just under 54 miles per ride. That won’t be terrible at all!  🙂

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