65 miles – Corinne to Rose Park

Day Five

Friday traffic is ridiculous on Pioneer Day weekend.  We got as far as the Wal-Mart distribution center in Corinne on Friday before I got on the bike to head to our hotel.  I might have gone farther if it wasn’t going to be so late when I got to the hotel, but I suspect that would have been unwise since it was about 10 billion degrees outside.  (okay, not really, but much earlier and it was 99) So 9.5 miles on Friday night.

Then yesterday I got up early and rode before daybreak.  I was 20 miles into the (planned) 54 before dawn started to peek out over the mountains and enjoying the relative cool.  At 49 miles in, the Legacy Parkway trail just suddenly stopped, and the GPS had a hard time rerouting me.  That cut my pace substantially, because I had no idea other than, “south” where I was going.

Ultimately it only added 1/2 a mile to the ride, and though there were some harrowing moments when I found myself in between the merge of a freeway off-ramp and the road I chose, (sorry, mom…) I was done with my 54.5 miles before 9:30 AM and home before 10.

Discovered Facebook Live in the last couple of weeks – see the videos on my feed there.  I love that I can show some of the scenery I’m riding through – looking up.  I don’t adjust the position of the camera much because I don’t want to lose my phone from the holster I keep it in on my bike, but if you want to see some of the things I see, take a gander over there.

🙂  347 miles in.  9 percent of the way done.  Next week I will be done with 10.5 percent. 🙂

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