August 19, 2017 Wendell, Idaho to almost Mountain Home

Day Eight Part OneDay Eight Part Two

Well the morning was BEAUTIFUL. (See video taken near Bliss, Idaho, 2 hours after I started.)

Hammett hill, however, was still 25 miles ahead of me, and it’s a 6% grade for a full mile. I’d killed several hills leading up to it, and was feeling good, but about 1/4 mile into the climb my legs were on fire and I was a little nervous about not being able to get unclipped and crashing again, so I got unclipped and started walking. Kept thinking I was almost to the top only to discover there was more hill. This is on the Oregon Trail Road. It crosses the Oregon Trail several times, and the damage to the earth after more than 150 years is still evident. But I have a healthy respect for those pioneers, who braved the wild WITHOUT bicycles and paved roads and Mapquest and the support vehicle bringing them ice water, protein bars and encouragement. It is during the hardest parts that I recognize that there is NO WAY I’m doing this crazy thing without my intense support group.

So for that support, I thank each of you. I thank Randy all the time, of course. He’s in the trenches with me. But also those following my progress. I think of you on these long rides. Your comments and encouragement are helping me along.


For those following the maps, there are two – Friday night I “made up” the 16 miles left out the previous week.  🙂

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