The Smoky Mountains of Oregon?

20170904_183508There are some serious fires in Oregon right now.  It has made the air quite heavy and hot.  Got started early this morning – just before 5AM on the edge of Mount Hood.  Couldn’t find the tape in my bag for the knee, so just got started.  (it was in a different bag – narf.)

Some of the most incredible downhill stretches coming off the side of Mount Hood – I kept thinking I was about to crash I got so fast.  (highest speed 41.7 mph according to my app) In the dark that is very disconcerting.  A rabbit darting out in front of me or even a slight bump in the road could be disastrous – and cause some serious road rash.  Randy is a pretty great support car, keeping pace with me and making sure I’m as safe as I can be out there.  He gives me more light and helps with the feeling that I’m not going to get mowed by a car that doesn’t expect there to be a cyclist on the side of the road at 5:30 AM. He also is responsible for all the drone work and great photos/video of the ride, as well as keeping me motivated – and reminds me that it’s not a race.  The end of today was a four mile climb – only about 1/4 of a mile that I had to walk, because there were cinders on the shoulder that made the tires unstable within about 4 inches of the line.  It’s not safe to ride on them, but it’s way not safe to ride into the road where I was, either.

Big hugs from Madras, Oregon, where the sun (and moon) are a crazy red-orange.


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