Central Oregon

So… I really think Oregon is a lovely place.  It’s terrible that there are so many fires in the area, because it’s really unpleasant for necessary things like breathing.  I’m doing well because we’ve adapted the schedule in order to make sure I can get in the miles before it gets too hot and subsequently more difficult to breathe.  Tuesday got me from Madras, a small town, to about 10 miles past Prineville – a “city” about half again as large as Madras, with a population about half again as large.  Prineville has a Facebook Data Center just outside of it and one of the meanest climbs I’ve been able to actually ride up since I started.  We had reserved a hotel room in Prineville, and the dear gentleman let us check in two hours early – which was desperately needed.  After my nap I walked over to the bike shop that was 3 doors down and asked what to do about my feet, which are swelling something terrible.  The toe box is actually wide enough, but the skin on my toes gets so tight that they feel like they are on fire.  The sweet lady told me there are numerous people in the Trans-Am race (for which they are a support store) who end up dropping out of the race because their feet swell so badly that they can’t keep their shoes on.  That was not fun news, but I went to the drug store and asked if there was something besides ibuprofen I could take.  Turns out Aleve is also an anti-inflammatory and doesn’t put as much stress on the stomach, so between that and the glucosamine/chondroitin/turmeric supplement I have been taking, I should be able to complete the ride.

Will have to upload maps and stuff when I get home to Utah – the computer isn’t cooperating with saving them at the moment.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Central Oregon”

  1. Jill…your my new inspiration. I’m leaving too much of life on the table. It’ was great getting to know you at Walmart yesterday. Best wishes on your journey.


  2. So glad you are home and safe. Hope your feet are healing and that you won’t have to do so much in a short amount of time any time soon. (Or ever 💕)


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