What I MEANT to say…

When I said life comes at you fast, I had no idea what was just around the bend.

Last week I got laid off from my job at SoFi.  Not gonna lie, it stung. But looking around the room at the 35 other people in my department, I wasn’t the most talented, brilliant person in the room, nor was I the least – it wasn’t about me.  It was strictly business.

But that means that plans change again.

In one week I will be on my way to the next leg of this grand adventure; another 476 miles on the route to Key West in 7 riding days.

Which means lots of quick planning and adjusting of plans.  But ultimately it’s going to be perfect.  Then when I get a new job, I can plan on weekend rides between Wellington, UT and Albuquerque (making up the 405 miles I haven’t done yet through there on Saturdays).

I will miss my friends at SoFi but have no hard feelings for how it was handled, nor where it has taken me.  I will treasure the fun we had.  🙂  See you in a week or so!


1 thought on “What I MEANT to say…”

  1. “Life is unpredictable” is predictable — just like your family, Jesus and Heavenly Father love you are predictable.
    “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.”
    As Grandma Thomas used to say, “Keep your chin up.” ((While referring to your Patriarchal blessing often)


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