New Mexico, Texas, and Utah

Moab to Green River

Well.  That was fun!

President’s Day week we headed to New Mexico with the plan of riding from where I left off over Thanksgiving weekend near Taiban and going all the way to St. Jo, Texas.

Made it as far as Olton (just past the halfway mark) before the weather turned (without warning, thank you very much!) to crazy cold (18 degrees!) and on the second day of that with no end in sight on the forecast, we decided that rather than sit in the Airbnb for two more days, we would head home.  We took the cold with us, our host tells me, and the sun came out and warmed it right up the following day into the low 60s.  What are you going to do?  You can’t win them all, for sure, and you can only do what seems the wisest choice to make at the time.

However.  I did complete 178 miles of the trip in three days, from a little north of Albuquerque to where I left off, and then from Taiban to Olton, leaving 425 miles between Wellington, UT and the Shell gas station at San Ysidro, NM.

On March 5 I started a QA coding “boot camp” course that is pretty intense.  Just finished my second week of that.  On my way home from class this past Friday I called d’Artagnan and asked if he’d be willing to drive down to Moab yesterday so I could get some “on route” miles in.  (Randy had some school work to do yesterday, so couldn’t make it) He was game, so we headed out early yesterday morning.

Riding in the gym, while I always love it more outside on the road, has helped my ride stamina and patience.  I typically hate climbs.  The 50 miles between Moab and Green River (both in Utah) are pretty mountainous.  The ride had many downhills as well, but I climbed almost 2,000 feet – and 1,000 feet of it was in a 4 mile stretch.  Normally on the big climbs, I will go until I think I can’t go anymore and walk the rest of the way (see post from day one or two in Oregon – or was it Washington??? I can’t remember).  Didn’t get off and walk up a single climb, and some of them were tough.

So now I have completed 1,525 miles on the route.  375 to have half of the miles complete.

OH!  Almost forgot – the time frame has to be adjusted.  Since I will be in a new job, I’m not sure how flexible my time-off schedule is going to be for the first year or so, and the cost of doing the second half of the ride will be prohibitive to doing Saturday rides on route.  I will still post when I do training rides while I’m waiting for the next big chunk of miles, though. 🙂

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