Update – miles, and miles, and miles.

Okay.  So I’ve been more lax than I should have been while I was going to school as far as the blogging piece.  (on the other hand, I know how to run QA tests on the blog, so…)

But I have been riding.

March 31 we drove down to NM and I did 75 miles from Counselor to where we had left off in February, topping 1,600 miles on the route.

Then 4/14 we were up in the Boise area and I managed 35.5 miles of training ride.

Saturday, 5/5 d’Artagnan and I went down to NM again and I rocked out 57 miles in the scorching heat before I had to call it quits.  So I’m 1,657 miles covered on the route, with 248.2 to go between Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.  This weekend d’Artagnan and I are planning to whittle off just under half of the Utah miles remaining – or maybe we’ll do just over half.  Not quite sure yet.

Either way, I am narrowing the gap of miles between where we can drive to (I anticipate 4 more weekend drives) and where we will have to fly to do week-long rides.  If I can do 68 miles a day for 28 days, I can be done in 4 flying trips.  This is quite a journey, you know?

Life is good.

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