Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

I’ll write about the final Utah miles in the morning, but I wanted to share this surprise while it is fresh in my mind.
Tonight we went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Salt Lake City.  It has been years since we have eaten there, but Randy was given some gift certificates at work and we were wanting to celebrate, so this was a perfect excuse.

I move a little slower on long ride days, so while Randy hadn’t put the ride on our reservation, he explained why I was walking slowly to the table to our hostess, Anna.  She passed the information on to Lauren, our server, who asked for some details.  Then as is the custom at Ruth’s Chris, the manager Josh came to our table and checked on how the meal was, also asking about the ride – and if I would be going through Alabama (he’s from Mobile). So we explained a little bit, (and gave him this blog address, of course) and he said how cool he thought the whole thing was.  Lauren was readying dessert (berries and cream – oh, my goodness how delightful that was!), and he went away for a little bit.  He came back with an envelope he set in front of me – he would love for me to use it in his hometown Ruth’s Chris and report back whenever I get done with that portion.

So now my gift card is taped to my tracking map.  We will definitely be using it when we go through Mobile, Josh – thank you so much! Thank you to your team – everyone was delightful.

And if anyone reading this gets the chance, go to Ruth’s Chris!  Tell them the SLC team (at least the ones who served us – named above plus Austin) is the best!  Map

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