UTAH done and dusted.

As of this morning I have 119 miles remaining of the first half of the ride.

I have climbed a total of 53,103 feet.  That’s Mount Everest and Denali, with Mount Meron (the highest peak in Israel) thrown in for good measure.  This represents 79.5% of the climbing for the whole route, spanning four of the eleven states, and 8 major mountain ranges.

To say that this adventure has been easy would be disingenuous.  Easy wasn’t what I was going for.  But like most things, it is much more simple than it sounds.  Like the great line in Better Off Dead, “Go that way, really fast.  If something gets in your way, turn!”  riding a bike is pretty simple when you think about it.  Yes, it’s work to climb that much and to be hundreds of hours on a bike. Yes, there is logistical planning and financial planning and all of the mental rigmarole that goes into making something this big successful.  But the riding itself is literally a cliche’ – once learned, you never forget how to ride a bike.

So that is the lesson of the first 4 states – it’s work.  But life is work.  Keep doing it and you’ll eventually get there.  Work out the details and then go charge the day – and enjoy the ride.  Don’t over-complicate or overthink it. Just ride.

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