Thanksgiving Day, 2018 and Black Friday

According to Google maps Olton, Texas is just a little over halfway between Westport, Washington and Key West, Florida by bicycle, and Olton is where I began my adventure yesterday – Thanksgiving 2018.  We got to the gas station we had left off 9 months ago and I started riding around 3:30pm.  There was a little bit of cross-wind that made my ride time not my best (41 miles in about 3 hours 20 minutes), but I was pleased that I got a good start to the marathon of riding that will occur over the next 9 riding days.  Overall it was a pretty uneventful ride save 2 tarantulas, countless scorpions, several red-tailed hawks and an armadillo.

When we got to Aimee Jackson’s house to stay the night she had saved Thanksgiving dinner for us – she’s an angel.  We ate our fill of brisket, potatoes, cauliflower, home baked bread, green beans, and went to bed grateful for friends and safety and each other.

This morning was a totally different story.  We slept in a little bit, and I got on the road at just about 8:40AM.  The wind was brisk, but was at my back so I decided after 35 miles at 17 mph that I wasn’t going to cut that ride off any sooner than my body wouldn’t take anymore, even though the plan was only for 75 miles.  It was a lovely 56 degrees for much of the morning, but around 1:30 it jumped to 70 and sapped the energy and joy out of the ride.  I made 86.5 before I was done and we headed back.

So tomorrow will be 93 instead of 103.  Not too shabby, and we plan to get an earlier start so that I won’t have to cut it short when it gets warm again.  The wind is meant to have even stronger gusts in the morning, (up to 40 mph) so who knows?  Maybe I’ll be able to keep 93 under today’s time.

Probably beginning of the week I will take some GoPro video. I haven’t really wanted to because much of the time it is just pretty boring as far as views/sights.  But the hawks are beautiful, and I did have a few cute moments with the cows from Jones Ranch, who wanted to run with me as though I were riding a horse; and some horses who heard me singing at the top of my lungs and loped alongside the fence like I was serenading them.  Not sure how much sound the GoPro picks up, though, and without the accompaniment I suspect I’ll sound pretty random.  lol.  It’s been too windy the past two days for the drone, and most of the time there would have been too much electrical interference to make it worth even getting out.

So far it has already been a great trip.  127.5 miles in 24 hours is pretty great, and I’m enjoying the journey.  Big hugs from Paducah, Texas!  Mwah!

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