Megargel to Springtown

Started the day in a little town called Megargel. (Population 193 according to Google, and pronounced “Meg-gargle”.) We got there relatively early, so as we were getting ready to leave, we stopped in front of what used to be a church – and is now city hall.  We had barely stopped when a gentleman came walking across the lawn and introduced himself as Paul McQueen, the mayor. We chatted with Paul for a little bit and talked cycling (he being a cyclist himself) and how lovely and flat it was in West Texas.  Paul, it was so great meeting you and seeing the town!

Today was a little bit faster.  I did get some really good soaks in yesterday, so my muscles weren’t as sore as they were at the end of the day.  This evening we met up at Hard Eights (a pit barbecue place in the Dallas area) with Lisa Peters, one of my friends from high school, and caught up.  She had come to dad’s viewing 14 years ago, but I didn’t really remember that, so we decided it had been 30+ years since we had spent any time together.  She is awesome, and the barbecue was great as well – and not just because body was craving the meat I got to indulge in with somewhat reckless abandon.

Springtown is a suburb of Fort Worth.  The Dallas/Fort Worth traffic hasn’t become a problem for riding, and I have felt safe on the ride all day. It hasn’t become too hilly yet, either. Life is always pretty good on a bike.

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