Garland to Mineola

Wednesday, 11/28 dawned dark and early.  We’d gone to bed around 7:30 after a quick shower in the Airbnb and minimalist dinner.  I still had 15 miles to finish of “yesterday’s miles” before I could start the Wednesday miles to be on track.

Dallas traffic at 3AM is roughly equivalent to Salt Lake traffic at 6AM.  Which is to say, perfectly maneuverable, but more than I would think, for sure.  I kept thinking, “what are you people doing out here so early?” Then I thought they were probably thinking the same thing about me.

Randy followed me until we were pretty solidly out of town and the road narrowed to the point that it became more hazardous for him to be behind me than it was to just trust that people could see me.  There’s a very long causeway through Lake Ray Hubbard – but it feels quite like a bridge from the road.  As soon as I passed Rockwall, TX the traffic died down to almost nothing, and it was a peaceful and calm day.  Saw a cottonmouth snake on the side of the road, but mostly snakes haven’t been bothersome. He was just sunning himself at the edge of a bridge, and for the most part if I avoid getting too close, the snakes haven’t been fazed in the least that I am riding past.  There were also a few armadillos and a couple of scorpions that looked blue from above, but I suspect they were black and reflected the sky they were so shiny.  If I’d been riding uphill I might have stopped to take a photo, but I don’t slow down for photos when I’m on a downhill, even if it’s only a little bit downhill.

79 more miles down, making 450 for this leg, and roughly 195 left in the plan.  I am getting tired and not really looking forward to another three days of riding, but epsom salts baths and the sweetest husband in the world rubbing my feet helps a lot.



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