The Grub Sack, Scottsville to Elm Grove, LA

When we woke up this morning (Nov. 30) I had a message from my friend Lisa in Dallas – she was worried that I was going to be out in the weather, and there were severe thunderstorms in the forecast with the potential for tornadoes.

November typically does not have tornadoes, so while Randy and I didn’t have a plan in place for this event, we made a quick revision of our normal travelling plan such that he would leapfrog me at 5 miles out, wait half an hour and drive 10 miles, and then continue to leapfrog until the severe weather was done.

The Grub Sack is 12 miles from the Louisiana border, with some rolling hills, but not too bad.  The wind was coming from either side, but not steady, with gusts that made me nervous, but I was able to keep upright and not worried.  It rained all 12 miles.  I found out later that from the time I got on the bike to the time I hit the Louisiana border Harrison County (where I started) was under a tornado watch, but just over the border in Caddo Parish, LA they didn’t.  Either Texas is more cautious, or Louisiana doesn’t know how tornadoes work, but… either way I’m saying I outran a tornado.  I’m just that good.  😉  (in truth, there was never any real danger, though a small tornado did touch down in Harrison County that day, I was safe in bed when it did.)

The rain would stop and then restart all day.  Thankfully it wasn’t terribly cold, but 71 miles in I was exhausted.  I have been riding for 8 days, and have come 600 miles.  I took an ice bath, which frankly is excruciatingly painful, but helps the muscles not swell and allows them to release the lactic acid.  Then a warm epsom salt soak and I was off to bed.  One day more this leg.


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