Ponce De Leon to Gretna (with a Georgia detour)

More devastation as I near Tallahassee, but it gets less noticeable the more inland I get. I’m unsure as to whether that is due to the higher population getting more money or attention earlier than the more remote areas or if it just wasn’t as bad.  There are still signs all over with phone numbers for lawyers if “you” feel you didn’t get enough FEMA money.  Which hurt my heart almost as much as the wreckage, frankly.  Any excuse to make a buck, I suppose. Had me picturing the hurricane as a “Sharknado”, though.

Chattahoochee, Florida is just across the border from Georgia, so I added 100 yards of Georgia to my route for fun.  Rode in, turned around and rode out.  Certainly a stretch to say I rode “all of the miles I intended to in Georgia”, but it was fun to be able to say I also rode in Georgia on route.

Anyway, it was a long and somewhat arduous ride.  The farther I get during the week the harder my body takes 80+ mile rides, and the more I want to sleep by morning, even though I soak each night for up to an hour.  We had some Airbnb drama at the end of the day with a host who forgot that they had confirmed that we would be staying at their house, and had to book a spur-of-the-moment hotel. Lesson learned, for sure – and Airbnb refunded us the entire payment once it was verified that it was not our fault.

674 miles left.

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