Gretna to Tennille Friday, Saint George Island Saturday

Big goal today – 114 miles.  I had never ridden more than 102 miles in one day before.  I rode through West Tallahassee and then south to a nothing spot in the road they have named Tennille.

The day was long.  We left the hotel at 3:30 AM.  I was on the bike before 4, with Randy following behind me until it was daylight.  With breaks for food and water refilling, I was finally finished at 3:00 and back in the car racing toward Tallahassee so we could get the bike to the shop to clean up, replace the chain and tires, and get into storage.  I was glad I called them on our way up, because the manager hadn’t noted that I would need overnight service and normally their service department isn’t even there on Saturdays.  But someone had quit suddenly and the service manager was covering the Saturday shift for them, so he made sure it got done for me.  (Seriously, if you’re close to Tallahassee, Bird Legs Bicycles is the best!)

Friday evening we met our dear friend, Dawn Ralston and her boyfriend Freddy at a restaurant in Tallahassee.  They drove down to see us from Georgia, and it was such a joy!  They also offered to store our gear and bike until we came back in April, which we happily accepted.  Saturday they took us to Saint George Island, which until just a couple of days before had been closed since the hurricane.  State officials weren’t even sure if it would be able to be rehabilitated enough to reopen at all, according to another friend living near there.  We also went to Appalachicola and had some delightful seafood.

560 miles left.  One. More. Stage.

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