Six Days out

We fly out in six days.  I’m on the bike in seven.  I woke Randy up in the middle of the night last night and told him we forgot the bike at my grandma’s house (both my grandmothers have been deceased for 10+ years).  Since I was a very little girl I have had poor sleep patterns/habits – doubly so as exciting things approached like birthdays, Christmas, or field trips, (any trips, really). This is no exception, and as much as I try to remind myself that I am still several days out, I’m running over lists in my head of things to remember to bring, what things are going to look like, and what I’m trying to finish at work and home before leaving.

The miles left are not nothing, but when I broke down the numbers it is substantially fewer miles per day than I did the past two rides on most of the days.

Day One – 39 (getting a late start as we are driving in from Atlanta)

Day Two – 73

Day Three – 88

Day Four – 80

Day Five – 66

Day Six – 57

Day Seven – 60

Day Eight – 59

Day Nine – 17 (almost a victory lap, and I wanted to finish early and “fresh”)

We plan to start dark and early in the mornings to finish around 10 AM local time as the temp heats up.


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