By the numbers

Ordered some groceries not available in stores to be delivered to the Walmart close to where we will be starting this morning.  I was more nervous about this whole thing yesterday than I am right now, which is odd for me.

Two weeks from this morning I will have 17 miles left to ride on Saturday, the 20th.  All told when I complete this, I will have come 3,800 miles in 693 days (62 riding days) (roughly the distance from Lisbon, Portugal to Murmansk, Russia through Austria). I will have climbed 102,264 feet cumulatively, which is the equivalent of Everest 3.5 times.  Between training and on route miles I will have ridden a bicycle 12,804 miles – 51.4% of the circumference of the earth (lol – 459 miles shy of the full circumference of Mars!) I estimate that I get approximately 100 miles per gallon of water I drink, and I will have gone through five sets of tires, three pairs of cycling shoes, three chains, three pairs of sunglasses, countless hydration tablets, seven bottles of sunscreen, 35 pounds of epsom salts and 12 tubes of chamois butter.

Totally worth all of it.

Before this last stretch I need to let y’all know that I’m no better than any of you.  I put my mind to what I wanted to do, worked out a plan, and set out to do it.  Was it a big deal?  Um, YEAH! But whittle it away and you, too, can do whatever you want.

Don’t wait for Someday.  Don’t wait until you’re ready.  Do it.  Today.

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