Someday and The Power of Moments

Tomorrow we fly out.  My memories of the past almost two years are seared deep into my mind, and it feels like forever ago that we started this odyssey, which brings to mind a book I listened to called, “The Power of Moments”  by Chip and Dan Heath.  (I highly recommend this book, by the way – it’s on Audible)

The Heath brothers captured for me the “magic” of making time move slower.  Make more “moments”.  If you think about it, when you’re young time moves super slowly.  Every day is an event, a learning experience, a milestone.  You looked forward to every new event, every experience, every birthday, holiday, or thing you learned, and demonstrating your progress as you grew.  Think back to your last “super memory”.  Something that will be burned into your memory For. EVER.

What if I told you that the more of those you pack into your life – and the more you make other’s events memorable for you – even the small things, the slower time will move?

If you really think about it, most of us stop making “our own” memories shortly after we have children, if we have them.  We make our children’s memories important.  We remember when they walked and talked; we go to their baseball games, concerts and recitals; they have birthday parties  and dress up for Halloween, and graduations and weddings.  We make our beds and do our laundry and vacuum the floor.  We go to work and do our jobs.  We wash the dishes.  We get our hair cut.  We shave.  We mow the lawn.  We shovel the walks.  We commute.  We can do all of that almost without thinking. We go year after year after year creating one, maybe two memories a year for ourselves.

Time flies because there is so much time spent in our routine that we don’t remember what we ate for dinner last night, we don’t remember the last truly fun thing we did – or if we do, it was so long ago that when we realize that it was the last thing we did that was fun, it’s actually last year or 5 years ago or 10.

So what do you do?

Start by paying attention to your “Someday” list.  I harp on Someday a lot, I know.  But I truly mean it.  Are you going to do it, or are you just going to talk about it?  Because if the memory at the end of your life is how much you talked about it, that’s what I call regret.  What’s stopping you from doing it today?  What’s stopping you from making a plan to begin working on it today?  The memories I have made even in the planning of this event have shaped not only my ability to accomplish it, but the direction my life will be going forward.

Work at making moments for others as well, throughout your journey.  Attend the play you know they’ve been working on.  Bring them flowers on a day you know they least anticipate it.  Send a card, a letter, an emoji text, a Facebook post on their wall not on their birthday.  Smile at a stranger in the grocery store. Talk to people, and genuinely listen when they talk back. Be kind. You making a moment for them out of something that may be their routine makes it memorable, and it will endear you to them forever, even if they never know or ask your name.  And it will make your moments last longer.

And yes, show up 100% when your big dreams beckon you, saying, “Someday is today, my love. Let’s ride.”  Put in the work.  All of it. Ride like your hair is on fire, and enjoy every minute you can. You’ll never forget that moment – even if the moment took two years to complete – that you and your dream meet at the finish line.  I suspect my dream will hang out with me for the day, and then like so many of my friends have already done, as soon as we get home ask, “What’s next?”

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