Today’s the day!

683 days ago I took this photo.  Someday

Tomorrow I start the last 560 miles.

To say that everything has changed is not quite accurate.  The only constant thing this whole journey has been the bicycle.  In ten days I will take another photo that perhaps to a certain extent will mirror this one.  But believe me when I say, everything has changed.

I am better and stronger.

I have changed industries in which I work.

The indiscriminate hand of death has taken several friends and more than one of my friend’s parents or other loved ones.

I have moved and made more friends.

I saw a psychologist about my severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and have learned how to manage the triggers and attacks such that I rarely have panic attacks anymore.

The next 559 miles probably won’t change me much. I think I will have Dawn take a picture at the 559th mile and see if I can see how much change happens in that last mile.

Ultimately, though, the picture above is the change.  The moment you start down the road that terrifies, challenges, and thrills you all at the same time is the moment you change, and not the last.  I have become the person who “does this”; the person who can. Today is the day I leave to complete the destiny I began 683 days ago, galvanizing the change.

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