Friday, April 12, 2019 Chiefland to Nobleton

We were up with bells on at 3:30AM.

I rode in the dark for 2 1/2 hours with Randy following close behind me, and it was a cool 64 degrees most of that.

At one point there was a river we were crossing and that time of day river means mist. Randy’s headlights cast very tall shadows into the mist of a cyclist. But because there are two headlights, each casts a separate shadow. I believe I will be forgiven for believing for a minute that I am riding with a friend, since all evidence suggests that is the case. I could see their shadow!

A mostly uneventful ride. It took a lot longer than I had hoped, but speed isn’t the actual goal, it’s finishing, so it gets to be okay.

Several miles of trail as I go through central Florida, though. It makes for a shady and more relaxed ride, for sure.

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