Sunday, April 14

No substantial riding today. We slept all morning and just hung out. My body aches – mostly my legs. It’s pretty hot again today, and I’m worried.

I went to lunch with a dear friend Sheridan in a nearby town, (thanks again, my dear!) and Randy had blocked out the rest of the afternoon for something he wouldn’t tell me about, and I didn’t ask.

So we went to Orlando, about an hour away, where unbeknownst to me, Randy’s brother and his wife and five kids were on spring break. Amanda’s brother and sister in law were there as well, with their 3. They opened the door and had noisemakers, hats, a banner, etc. What an amazing surprise! We had lasagna and hung out for the evening, chatting about the ride and birthdays and reminiscing. Just what the doctor ordered as far as my weary mind was concerned, but how can I better restore my body more than I have already tried?

We decided to beat the heat by waking at 2:30 and being on the road by 3:30. With 80 miles planned I want to be done my 11 AM, and at the pace my body has been cooperating I can’t really plan on faster than 10 mph. Sigh.

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