Tuesday, April 16, 2019 Moore Haven to Everglades Airboat Excursions

Up dark and early again. We got a good early start, but the cycling directions wanted me to take a completely dark trail that Randy couldnt scout, and I didn’t know for sure that it wouldn’t turn into dirt, so we took the highway and Randy followed me for the first 12 miles. I was already behind on my plan by almost an hour by the time we were back on track. When we started it was 58 degrees. But by the time I hit the first break it was 65 and climbing fast.

I was frustrated but kept going, of course. South through the Everglades is SO flat. Saw a few live coral snakes and turtles, rabbits and lizards. The miles were punctuated by what my new friend Ruth called June bugs, which don’t bite, but freaked me out when they would land on my hands, arms, and legs, as they are mating and at first glance look like hornets. I’m not allergic, but bee stings and the like during exercise can cause an allergic-type reaction due to the increased blood flow and adrenaline, and a hornet bite could be serious.

The interesting thing about these small and harmless distractions was they made the time (just under 5 hours) go by quickly. The trail I was meant to have taken was under construction, and I got into a little bit of trouble for riding on a portion of it – an officer was called and I had to promise that I would never ignore the signs in the area again. Which I accurately did. But it put me back on the highway. Cycling directions kept trying to make me turn around and go to the trail. The very last 3 miles (which take on average 13-15 minutes Google kept saying to turn around and get on the trail, which it estimated would take 90+ minutes.

Go home, Google. You’re drunk.

193 miles to go.

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