Wednesday, April 17 Everglades Airboat Excursions to Homestead

57 miles of flat felt fairly simple. The days are shorter, for sure, but starting them early as we do has the afternoons feeling fairly long.

The majority of these miles were getting into the greater Miami area, though, and traffic is more intidimating than hills for the most part. I never know when some semi truck driver or teenager who was told to be on time 87 times is going to try and push past me in a construction zone, and close calls are frequently worse on my mind than the doubts that I’ll be physically able to complete the job at this point.

Despite the traffic and increased frequency of stop lights, was done in under 4 hours and before 10:30 AM.

We spent some time at the Biscayne National Park in the afternoon, an orchid farm with an incredible koi pond, and even saw Dumbo to kill a little time before dinner with Tom and Dee Berry. Tom is a friend from high school who lives down here and both gave us some advice on what to see in the Keys as well as listening to some of the stories from the road. It was a delightful evening.

138 miles to go. I am 96.5% done.

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