Thursday, April 18, 2019 Entering The Keys

Rode in the dark for not quite an hour from Homestead to the edge of the bridge leading to Key Largo. Randy followed close behind; the last time he will have to do that.

Before I move on I will elaborate on how amazingly supportive Randy is. He has driven nearly every mile of this journey. Taken weeks off work. Woken up earlier than I, driven while I slept in the car, made hundreds of sandwiches and bowls of oatmeal, filled countless water bottles, kept ice in the cooler and water, bought souvenirs, rubbed my feet and legs and back, been patient while I cried over the pain of injury and frustration, watched and listened to hundreds of iterations of the plan, and made sure I knew that if this was what I wanted to do, he was with me all the way. A “team” is vital in this kind of attempt. Choosing the ones who will be on that team years ahead of time is pretty crucial as well. I chose well, and I am grateful he chose me, too. No way any of this gets done without him.

So when the sun started coming up he forged ahead to the first stop and moments later I crossed my first bridge into The Keys.

I’m hoping my GoPro got the sunrise over the bridge. Will upload if I can get it later.

From the top of the bridge the vastness of the Gulf of Mexico spread below me and I was overcome with how incredibly far I’ve come to be here. 3,685 or so miles is a long way on a bicycle seat.

The islands are glorious. Key Largo is less populous than the others, as near I can tell, and being the largest, took a few hours to cross. Each bridge crossed is less scary than the last, and I find I’m looking forward to them. They seem to represent those things that are I’m the way of getting what I want, and though they’re often still challenging, they also represent a totally clear path to that destination.

Randy got some amazing drone footage across one of the bridges, so enjoy – until tomorrow! 75 miles left


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