Touchdown in Salt Lake City

More than 24 hours have passed since dipping my front tire in the ocean at Key West.

I turned 50 this morning.

Dawn and Freddy got married in a lovely sunrise ceremony next to the water.

Hung out in Key West most of the day after dropping mom at the airport, eating pie and square tacos.

Mom’s  flight was canceled, it turns out, and she was at the Key West airport for 6+ hours waiting to find out what they would be doing to get her home. When we landed in Atlanta for our layover I received her text that she was on a 3+ hour bus to Miami, would spend the night in a hotel, and then get home tomorrow night.

With nothing we could do about it, we waited for our plane. It was delayed, but at least it left.

In the morning I will get up and head to work.

It feels like we have been gone for a month or more, and it feels like the landscape of where I’ve lived has changed entirely. Things look familiar, but like I left years ago, lived my life, and came back to find that everyone had also lived a lifetime in my absence.

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